A blue flame ( full combustion )  low setting

Clean combustion chamber october / november 2018

A blue flame ( full combustion )  high setting

Consumption /kW   :

Min / Max : 2  cc - 6 cc / min

(.120 L/Hr -.360 L/Hr)(1.3 kW to 3.9kW)

Flexible installation :

Flue outlet on the right or the

left hand side

Outer dimensions    :

 H x W x H           52 x 25 x 27.5 cm

Chimney Dia.            :

80 mm

Cooking plate           :

190 mm dia.   Cast iron

Construction             :

Stainless St.

Weight                        :

12 Kg Max

Two Safety shut off valves                        :

1) No Flame   2) Exessive high temperature

Guaranty                   :

2 years

Soot condition after 2 months of 24 hr operation

Excessive "high" temperature and "no flame" SECURITY shut-off valves


Combustion chamber

Combustion chamber

Pre-assembled combustion chamber

Finished units

Rear pannel Insulation holding cover

Pressing rings

Main casing



Tested on a sailing journey in rough weather conditions from Dunkerk to Stavanger, and as expectet, no spray water penetration at all.